• For how many screens can I use my purchased license?
  • A single media player license provides a license to display the content on up to 4 screens powered by the same media player, or a single screen no larger than 160”. When a single media player displays the content on more than 4 screens, a license is required for every 4 screens that media player displays the content.
  • How is the content delivered?
  • Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you and to deliver you in an automated way, so that no manual processes will be necessary. Please visit the format and delivery chapter in our website.
  • Why should I buy content when I can have it for free on the internet ?
  • The big majority of contents you may find on the internet such as weather forecasts, RSS news, traffic information and so on are for private use only. If you show them on your public network this is an act of piracy. Very high penalties are applied for piracy. On the contrary, all content that BlueFox provides is rights-cleared; you can show them on your network as long as it is not in front of an audience that pays for it

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