Why choose BlueFox for your company ?

Our content attracts to watch your screens and provides your public valuable information while helping you to accomplish your communication goals and realize the ROI you are looking for. Since 2006, BlueFox provides News feeds from the world’s leading News Agencies, Weather, Traffic Information and many entertaining feeds as well as high quality video footage from all over the world, Cartoons and much more. A wide selection of this you can now buy in our webshop. Most of our content can be licensed for Digital Signage and Digital Place-Based Media around the world   

We have the right content for all vertical markets and communication situations. Whether your displays are installed in the financial sector, in transportation, education, healthcare, retail or in any other business, we have the fitting content for all kind of networks. Our content will help you to realize your communication aim, if it is the reduction of the perception of waiting time, making your target group watch the advertising on your screens or whatsoever. Besides, most of our content feeds are available in many languages. Just choose out of our large online library of dynamic contents such as xml feeds, video clips and animated graphics (2D and 3D) what you want to show on your screens, in order to support your communication strategy. We can provide content elements only or also do the whole job for you and create entire customized TV-like channels as we do for many of our corporate clients. Stop searching content providers for every single element of your loop and get it all out of one hand. We invite you to check out what we can do for you.

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